The Vestry

Chamberlain Diala (Sr. Warden) 2018
Mary Johnson (Jr. Warden) 2017
Ebenezer Botchway 2019
James Brown 2017
Brian Coates 2019
Caroline Edwards 2017
Sonia Harvey 2019
Dionne Jones 2018
Quallyna Porte 2017
Adolphus Ukaegbu 2018
Patricia Hobson Wilson 2019
Henry Wyatt 2018
Barbara Mills, Clerk




Congregations that have been granted parish status by their diocese are governed by their rector and the Vestry. Traditionally, and by canon law, the Vestry, consisting of wardens and other members, is the legal representative of the parish “in all matters concerning its corporate property and the relations of the Parish to its Clergy,” except as may be provided by state law or diocesan canons. The number of vestry members and term of office varies from parish to parish.

The vestry has a legal and moral responsibility for managing the congregation’s resources, including operating funds, investments, furnishing, buildings and ground. In addition to the legal roles and responsibilities, there is the spiritual responsibility of leading a congregation. The mission of the church is “to restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ” (BCP, p.855). The elected leaders, lay and ordained, have a responsibility to model that mission in their work and to lead the congregation in fulfilling that mission.

Responsibilities of the Vestry (as a body)

  • Support the Mission by Word and Deed
  • Ensure Effective Congregational Planning
  • Select the Rector
  • Ensure Adequate Resource and Effective congregational.html
  • Establish and Monitor Programs and Services
  • Communicate With the Wider Community
  • Assess Its Own Performance