Men Of Trinity

Men of Trinity (MOT) provides an opportunity for fun and fellowship for all parish members. They raise funds and provide assistance for various projects within the Parish. This group is fondly known for its Shrove Tuesday’s Pancake Supper, Christian Seder Supper, Allenberry Playhouse and An Evening at Camden Yards. Throughout the year, the group sponsors seminars on subjects that positively impact the quality of our lives. All male parishioners are considered Men of Trinity.

Contact: Warren Graves, president.


Daughters Of The King 

The Daughters of the King (DOK) is an international prayer, evangelism and service ministry throughout the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. At Trinity, the Daughters of the King lead the prayer circle at the Baptismal Font on Sundays, organize the presenters for the meditations at the Stations of the Cross, and provides leadership and refreshment for the Holy Innocent Day worship service.

Contact: Cora Dixon, president

Trinity Episcopal Church Women 

The Trinity Episcopal Church Women (TECW) is a service and social organization for all Parish women. The mission of TECW is to enlist all women of the parish in a program of activities to promote fellowship, outreach and education. All female parishioners are considered member of Trinity Episcopal Church Women.

Contact: Carol Crecy, President.


Trinity offers regular fitness classes each week for our seniors as well as health workshops throughout the year.

20/30 Sojourners

Fellowship of 20s and 30s who gather to support each other.

40/50 Sojourners

Fellowship of 40s and 50s who gather to support each other.