Lay Eucharists Visitors

The Lay Eucharistic Visitors are trained parishioners who take Holy Eucharist [Holy Communion] to the “Sick and Shut-in” members of the congregation who are unable to attend services on Sundays and during the week. Members of this ministry are given a communion kit during one of the Eucharistic services to lead and share worship at the homes of parishioners who are “Sick and Shut-in”.

Contact: Annette Gardner & Beverly Chandler, chairs.

Luke’s Guild

The St. Luke’s Guild is a Pastoral Committee. Each Sunday, Members of this ministry visit the “Sick and Shut-in” and distribute sanctuary flowers and worship bulletin. This is a ministry to house bound parishioners each Sunday throughout the year, except during season of Advent and Lent.

Contact: Eileen Vyfhuis & Raymond Reher, ministry chairs

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee is the ministry of Christian sharing of the gifts of time, talent, and money that God has given us to use. The Stewardship Committee oversees a yearly effort to inspire in each of us a giving consciousness that is a vital part of Christian living.

Contact: Carol Crecy and Rod Lewis, ministry chairs

Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee provides for the repast, a true feast, after worship serves on special occasions, major feast days, and burials. The Hospitality Committee provides nourishing meals and refreshments for bereaved families and their guests after burials or memorial services. The ministry of the Hospitality Committee is further supported by two coffee committees that provide refreshments Sunday after each worship service.

Contact: Lillian Wilkerson, ministry chair

Fellowship Committee

The Fellowship Committee serves as a conduit for the congregation to mingle between and after services and in celebration of special occasions in the Parish life. A constituent group is the Coffee Committee. The ministry is further supported by two coffee committees that provide refreshments Sunday after each worship service.


The Usher are Men, women and youth who welcome and greet visitors, friends and members,distribute worship bulletins, assist with seating, collect and present the alms, assist the congregation to and from the altars for communion. Serving as an usher is a wonderful way to meet new people and make them feel welcome at Trinity Church.

Contact: Adolphus Ukaegbu and Cora Dixon, ministry chairs