Dirt Daubers

The Dirt Daubers are volunteers who care for the grounds and assist the Property Committee For additional information on this committee, please the church Junior Warden to participate in spring, summer, and fall cleanups and preparing wonderful flower beds for all to enjoy.

Office Volunteers 

Trinity Church is blessed with many volunteers who assist in the management and daily operations of the Parish. Parishioners volunteer for a fixed time each week to help out in managing telephones, bulletin printing, and other office tasks. Opportunities for spot projects are also available.

Property Committee

Property Committee is a standing committee of the Vestry. The Property Committee serves as the oversight arm of Trinity properties, buildings and grounds. The Property Committee tirelessly coordinates and supervises repairs, maintenance, modifications, maintain inventories and serve as advisory to the clergy and vestry on the physical condition of the church buildings, and surrounding properties.  The Property Committee administers the tasks that have Vestry’s approval using the talents and skills of a dedicated group of volunteers. For example, the “Dirt dauber” a group of volunteers who plant and care for the grounds and plants surround our church and other buildings.  Observations and suggestions on the maintenance and development of the property and grounds may be directed to the church Office and the Junior Warden

Contact: Mary R. Johnson, Junior Warden