Worship is the heart and soul of our life at Trinity. We learn and grow together in faith through our prayers and fellowship, reading and reflections on Holy Scripture, and the preached Word. We are also fed and nurtured together through the Spirit at the Holy Table in the Eucharist (Holy Communion) as we join our life and commitment to God in Jesus Christ.

Over the years, Trinity Church has used music to shape and bring meaningful variety to its worship experience. Our services provide and invoke a unique spiritual experience that seeks to give expression to the distinctive character and diversity of Trinity. We pray that those who share in this experience will be touched by these worship offerings.

Our Worship Experience

Trinity offers five diverse worship experiences called Afro-Anglicanism, in response to the needs of its vibrant community that gather each week.

The Trinitas Experience

The Trinitas Experience is our traditional worship, occurs on the first Sunday of the month. In this service worshipers will experience the ancient and rich fabric of the Anglican/Episcopal tradition. The music shaping this service will be classic hymns and anthems set within a solemn liturgical practice.

The Contemporary Experience

The Contemporary Experience occurs on the second Sunday of the month. This worship makes use of modern liturgical resources. Contemporary music in this liturgy inviting a free and greater congregation participation is a hallmark of this service. The musical style at this service is bent towards the Gospel and praise and worship tradition.

The Jubilee Experience

The Jubilee Experience is our third Sunday experience. In this service, the historic music of the African-American tradition and the African Diaspora is explored through mediums such as “call and response”, “Negro” Spiritual, and classical music by composers of African descent.

The Family and Friend Experience

The Family and Friend Experience is our fourth Sunday worship. This service is intended for the entire family. It seeks to bring together the old and young, single and married into a common and shared experience of meaningful worship. It builds on the spirituality of the family with musical offerings, anthems and spiritual songs involving children and youth. This service reflects the layers and spirituality of family life.

The Jazz and Gospel Experience

The Jazz and Gospel Experience is the fifth Sunday worship. This service features elements of jazz music within the framework of an Episcopal worship service. The rhythm of jazz, with riffs on a traditional and contemporary hymns and the melodies of familiar tunes shape this service. We count it all joy as the simplicity and soothing chorus and sounds move that fingers to slapping and the toes to tapping.


All are welcome to join us at Trinity.


  • Worship:
    • 8:00am Said Eucharist In-Person only
    • 10:30am Choral Eucharist In-Person and online
  • Christian Education: 9:30am-10:15am (K-High School)
  • Adult Forum & Bible Study: 9:30am


  • Bible Study: 7pm – Zoom


  • Stations of the Cross with Reflections: 7pm

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